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What Is Litigation Communication?
Litigation communication provides context and clarity that helps non-legal audiences gain a common sense understanding of complex legal positions. Litigation-communication professionals work with lawyers to help manage the public environment surrounding high-stakes, high-profile litigation.

Litigation communication is not "spin control," a term that has become synonymous with obfuscation, manipulation and misinformation. Nor is it, strictly speaking, public relations, which focuses on improving the client’s general image.

Litigation communication is designed to protect the image of corporations in litigation -- or facing the prospect of litigation -- whatever the outcome of the case. Litigation-communication experts understand the law and legal process. They also understand how to make the company’s case in the court of public opinion.

At its best, litigation communication can help to:

  1. Avoid litigation by inoculating the company against forthcoming allegations;
  2. Manage the media to make the case less damaging to the company;
  3. Preview powerful arguments that may be made in court to strengthen your negotiating position;
  4. Ensure that regardless of the verdict, the client’s messages are heard and understood and remembered.

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