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An Integrated Package of Services
Bork Communication Group is able to offer an unmatched level of service and depth of experience to corporations and their lawyers to help them avoid litigation, win litigation and, above all protect reputation. Litigation is about telling a persuasive story to a judge and a jury. At Bork Communication Group, we make sure that story is heard, is understood and is remembered by key audiences.


Increasingly legal battles are being fought, and won, in the court of public opinion long before attorneys see the inside of a courtroom. Without a careful and coherent litigation communication strategy, even legal victory can be prohibitively costly in terms of company or product reputation. Just as in the law, the foundation of successful litigation communication is message and a strategy that understands and takes advantage of the legal strategy. Our training and experience allows our clients to make fully informed decisions about messages, messengers and the media through which their case will be filtered.

  • Strategic Communication Counsel
    An effective public communications strategy should complement the legal strategy. We are uniquely sensitive to the legitimate concerns of in-house and outside counsel and develop communications strategies that support and enhance the company’s legal strategy.
  • Message Development
    We begin the process of developing and testing effective messages. We help hone the legal message so that it will resonate most effectively with the public, the media and opinion leaders.
  • Message Testing and Opinion Research
    Through our relationships with jury consultants and opinion research firms, we are able to offer qualitative and quantitative research supporting: jury trials, regulatory proceedings, and arbitration proceedings.


We apply the techniques of modern political communication to the litigation battlefield:

  • Earned Media
    Working directly with reporters, editors, producers and correspondents we make sure our client’s message is heard. We use earned media to correct or counter misinformation from the other side and making sure our client is not prejudiced by adverse and untruthful publicity.
  • New Media
    We can help you harness the Internet to reach the broadest possible audience.
  • Ally Development
    In the public battle for hearts and minds, you can never have too many highly visible friends. We work with qualified and high-profile outside groups and individuals who can help reporters and producers more fully appreciate the importance of your issue and your perspective.
  • Grassroots
    A groundswell of public support can profoundly affect the media coverage of a dispute. We are able to bring that public support to bear at critical moments.
  • Government Relations
    Government action, or inaction, can affect the terrain upon which the legal battle proceeds. Through our relationships with lobbyists in Washington DC and all 50 states, we are able to assist in understanding and shaping the governmental component to litigation.


Media Training for Lawyers

The court of public opinion is a different arena from appellate or trial argument. Legal advocacy skills must be adapted for an arena where there are few rules to reign in the excesses of those who support the plaintiff’s bar. Our specialized program instructs legal counsel in the techniques for delivering their critical messages in the modern media environment and includes extensive practical training in print, radio and television interviewing.

Litigation Communication Audit

As specialists in litigation communication, we view litigation as a threat to be neutralized and as an opportunity to educate the media and the public about the client’s positive record. Our strategic plans are based on the facts of the cases, as well as on the client’s business and litigation objectives. Larger companies face many different types of litigation often going on simultaneously. This is why we created the Litigation Communication Audit. The process analyzes client cases, identifies potential threats and opportunities, and allows us to develop a comprehensive and aggressive communications strategy. As part of the Litigation Communication Audit we:

  • Analyze, categorize and prioritize all outstanding litigation.
  • Determine business and public relations threats and opportunities posed by litigation.
  • Interview key stakeholders within your company.
  • Analyze existing communications efforts.
  • Present findings and make recommendations for the most productive ongoing communications strategy.

    Venue Media Analysis

    Wonder how the media in a given venue will cover your litigation? We can quickly and accurately gauge the likely media reaction, identify key journalists, help shape your messages and direct them where they will receive the fairest hearing.

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