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Learn About Litigation Communication
Litigation communication applies the techniques of modern political communication to the legal battlefield. Corporations face the constant threat of abusive litigation. Propelled by trial lawyers, activists, government agencies and the media, virtually any lawsuit can spin out of control into a company killer. Even when corporate survival is not at stake, litigation can waste time and corporate resources, damage employee morale and harm corporate reputation. Litigation communication experts work with corporations and their attorneys to avoid litigation, win litigation and, above all, protect reputation -- the foundation of any successful enterprise.
  1. Start early. If possible, begin your litigation communication effort before the lawsuit is filed -- itís hard to change the publicís mind about you and your case after itís made up.

  2. Research. Use opinion research to develop and test litigation messages. Donít presume that you know what will move opinion to your side of the ledger.

  3. Stay on message. Work closely with your legal counsel and advisers to weave your messages into legal arguments.

  4. Use your messages. Make sure that it is your messages -- not your opponent's -- that frame the public debate.

  5. Know your audience. Use legal and media expertise to assess news coverage and analysis of similar current cases.

  6. Develop allies. Identify outside experts who might support and add credibility to your legal position.

  7. Remember history. Analyze work of reporters, producers, television personalities and media outlets regarding similar cases from the past.

  8. Deepen your bench. Identify and train articulate and credible spokespersons to carry your messages to the public.

  9. Do your homework. Analyze court transcripts and law journal articles, and confer with attorneys, to learn what strategies worked in similar cases.

  10. Get your message out. Provide the press with the information they need to understand your position.

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